The Art of the False Choice

A comment left on this Wall Street Journal article pretty much nails the Obama campaign strategy:

“A clear majority” of a group that was 8.8 million voters shy of 2008’s election hardly reflects anything other than a nation divided roughly in two. But the divisions don’t fit as neatly into your simplistic caricature as you so earnestly want to believe. It was critical to the Obama campaign’s success that it demonized people who:

1. Oppose excessive regulation as opposing ALL regulation (redux);
2. Demand cost/benefit accountability as favoring dirty air and dirty water (you forgot to mention their joy in poisoning children);
3. Don’t think that spending tax dollars on providing free contraception as wanting to deny contraceptives to women;
4. Object to the government forcing their church’s medical institutions to provide abortions as wanting to deny health care to women;
5. Object to raising taxes without spending and entitlement reform as wanting to take money from the poor and give it to the rich.

So good for you, doctor. You’ve demonstrated that Obama’s propaganda was effective. The politics of mudslinging and character assassination works — especially when the opposition is politically weak (even though vastly more competent). Anyone can characterize the fringe as the norm, as Obama’s team did so brilliantly. But when the Republicans turn the tables on the Democrats, as they inevitably will some day, just remember than turnabout… is fair play. You’ll have to get used to it.

In many ways, it still amazes that Obama could win by mastering the art of the false choice as outlined in points 1-5 above. But, alas, that’s the world we live in today.

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2 Responses

  1. Please, Robert, spare us. From the same guy who pushed Obama’s “War on Religion” it’s mighty rich of you to quote an article that complains about the Obama campaign distorting Romney’s positions.

    There was enough hyperbole on both sides to last us the next 4 years. Does Kenyan, Socialist, Muslim, Marxist gun and lightbulb banning, death panel, food stamp President, 401K seizing, War on Coal, and on and on and on sound at all familiar?

    Yeah, I know. Those are truths and everything Dems claimed are “false choices.”

    And Rubio is being Palinized, too.

    Look, straight up, Republicans need to stop whining and making excuses and start trying to figure out how they’re going to ever get back all the good Americans they’ve alienated over the past 4 years.


    • Actually, when an administration takes action to force someone to act against their own religious beliefs, that’s a hostile, aggressive act intended to bring down those who support a certain belief. They can dress it up any way they want, but the effect and overall intent is clear. I don’t see the Republican side doing it, so the Democrats and their supporters own that one. Straight up and all the way.

      The purpose of the post (obviously) was to point out how the Obama presidential campaign continuously distorted the issues. I didn’t see Romney’s campaign come anywhere close to doing the same thing. And, no, Palin, et. al., don’t count because they didn’t run in the general election for president, did they? I’m clearly referring to Romney and Obama.

      Republicans need to stop whining and making excuses and start trying to figure out how they’re going to ever get back all the good Americans they’ve alienated over the past 4 years.

      Oh boy…coming from the fox guarding the henhouse. Thanks for the advice, but first stop all your ridiculous posts/comments in which you do exactly all the things I pointed out in the post, and then we can talk about what the Republicans should do. Thanks.

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