Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

In his “closing speech” in Ohio yesterday, President Obama mentioned that the “best revenge is voting“, in response to boos from the smallish crowd in NE Ohio. Obviously, that statement is getting some comment and criticism. A November surprise?

Revenge, for what? Only Obama knows for sure, but I will say without question that the statement and his unscripted choice of the word “revenge” is a clear reflection of the attitude of a man who hasn’t had too many big tests in his adult, professional life and suddenly feels threatened in the face of a severe challenge. We saw it in the petulance Obama displayed in the October debates. We surely have seen a lot of it in Obama’s governing style over the past 4 years. We see it in a LOT of his most ardent and passionate supporters.

It’s an angry, almost-defiant-but-ultimately-petulant frame of mind from a president who doesn’t have a record to run on.  Perhaps anger and petulance works when you’re community organizing, but not when you’re president of a divided nation. His whole campaign has been that way, from the fabricated war on women to contraception to “binders” to “loins”…it almost seems like a joke except for the fact that at least 47% of the nation is ready to vote him into a second term.

We’re an angry nation, and perhaps that’s why Obama’s revenge comment will resonate positively with many people. This is even more reason to elect Mitt Romney, because for all his imperfections, one thing he has proven in his adult and professional life is an ability to lead positively and bring folks together in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Romney is a leader. Obama is a divider in the purest sense of the word.

The distinction is clear.

The choice is even clearer.

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