Georgetown University Invites Pro-Abortion Catholic to Speak

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…May is my busiest month overall and posts will likely be limited for the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I saw this article on EWTN on Georgetown University inviting HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius to speak at a ceremony during the university’s commencement events this weekend. 

What’s the big deal? Well, it’s a Catholic university inviting a pro-abortion Catholic to speak at a campus event during a commencement weekend. Sebelius’ views on abortion aren’t a secret; she’s been banned from receiving Holy Communion by the Archbishop of Kansas City.

Also, remember that it was Georgetown University where a letter was written and signed by a group of faculty and staff condemning Rep. Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget plan as “misreading Church teaching” in its handling of entitlement programs and tax cuts. Now they’re inviting an open, pro-abortion Catholic, who is also in favor of forcing Catholics to violate their conscience and freedom of religion, to speak at a major campus event.

Like I mentioned in my Ryan post about 10 days ago, Georgetown University has a record of being soft and/or sympathetic (take your pick) with pro-abortion politicians. Talk about misreading Catholic teaching! Yet another reason Paul Ryan has no big reason to be concerned about criticism coming from these circles.

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