Cupp: Beat ‘Em at Their Game

S.E. Cupp gives Mitt Romney a little advice on how to handle President Obama in the presidential campaign:

Over the past few weeks, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has suddenly begun to defend his success, his family and even his wife’s decision to be a stay-at-home mom. In return, President Obama’s campaign and the media are crying foul. A lead sentence in a Politico piece on Monday said it all: “Meet Mitt Romney the victim.”

While it’s true that Romney finally appears to have realized that turning the other cheek works better as a proverb than a political strategy, he’s hardly the first of this election season to try to garner some sympathy from voters.

So as Romney mounts the fight of his life against Obama, he might want to rethink the victim strategy in favor of something that looks more like Obama’s elbow-throwing. Here’s a handy guide:

Don’t complain about the press. Intimidate it.

In 2008, during the final weeks of the presidential campaign, Obama had three reporters from conservative newspapers kicked off his plane. At the time, his adviser Anita Dunn said there simply wasn’t enough room for the three national journos who’d been covering the candidate all along. But somehow, writers from Glamour, Ebony and Jet magazines managed to find seats.

After he was elected, Obama also made the unprecedented move of trying to ban an entire network — Fox News — from the White House press pool. Luckily, the other networks objected and Fox kept its creds.

Still, the message was clear: You’re either with us or flying coach.

I wouldn’t go as far as using some of the dirty tactics the Democratic Party apparatus likes to employ, but it’s become more and more obvious that just playing nice and excusing your hard-earned success isn’t going to cut it. Defense doesn’t work in these type of elections. Attack Obama for his pitiful record, not his person.

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