Rep: West: “All of Us Born With Silver Spoon”

I’m not a big fan of Rep. Allen West’s bombastic way of getting his points across. At times, this approach doesn’t serve him or the conservative cause well because people focus on the style instead of on the substance.

However, Rep. West’s Facebook post yesterday in response to President Obama’s “silver spoon” criticism of Mitt Romney was spot-on in delivery and message:

President Barack Obama continues to display his lack of understanding the ideal of American exceptionalism. All Americans are born with a silver spoon. It is represented in the liberty, freedoms, and democracy this Constitutional Republic affords. It is in the unalienable individual rights granted to us by our Creator of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (property). It is the reason why so many have departed other countries to seek the silver spoon which provides equality of opportunity. Sadly, we are witnessing hope and change being replaced by divide and rule. God has blessed America with the silver spoon which we pass onto subsequent generations, honor that blessing.

I think Pres. Obama understands perfectly well. However, acknowledging and praising the wealthy doesn’t fit his party’s narrative. A narrative that seeks to divide rather than unite.

H/T: Babalu Val Twitter Feed


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