Do As I Say, Not As I Tweet

Twitter strikes again…this time exposing Rep. Keith Ellison for retweeting (i.e., agreeing with) a comment calling Mitt Romney a “heartless douchebag who doesn’t like animals or small children”.

Rep. Ellison, a.k.a. “Mr. Civility”, later took down the tweet. Figures. It cramps his style.

I totally expect decent liberals everywhere to denounce this type of boorish behavior by an elected official.

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30 Responses

  1. Decent liberals? Well, I guess that means we won’t be hearing from you-know-who…

  2. Sorta like the denunciations of Ted Nugent that have saturated the blogosphere and air waves the last couple days, right, Robert?



    • Ying…Yang. Although the “yang” is especially hideous since it involves an elected official who should be held to a higher standard.

      • Ying, yang, indeed, Robert. So why continue to point it out as something that needs to be disowned every time it happens? You know how busy you would be with Allen West alone if that’s what you were required to do?


        • So why continue to point it out as something that needs to be disowned every time it happens?

          I don’t, but this is the same thing you demand of your ideological counterparts. That’s the irony of it all and clearly points out why it’s futile to point out all the stupid things people say and do in the name of ideology.

          • I don’t either….but I think there’s a line that’s crossed when the life of the President of the United States is threatened so publicly. Something tells me that you understand the difference between such a threat and some politician calling another politician a heartless douchebag and then immediately following it up with a qualifier. At least I hope you do.

            I don’t expect as much from Moneo and wouldn’t be surprised if…well, I’ll just leave it at that.


  3. Denunciations because of his use of descriptively salty metaphor?

    “Metaphors needn’t be explained to educated people.”

    I guess you’re not in that target group.

    I know you’re feeling low and just awful because he wasn’t arrested and taken away in chains like you and your buds wanted. But, on the flip side, I heard A LOT WORSE during W.’s administration. And not a single little girl-squeal from you in protest.

    BTW, regarding your description of Nugent as “spineless” and a “wet noodle,” how would you reply to this:

    Allen WEST

    Ted NUGENT

    Robert MOLLEDA

    George MONEO

    Rick ___________.

    Thoughts? Comments? Project much?

    • So Ellison uses the word “douchebag” and he’s a boor while Nugent uses language strong enough to draw Secret Service attention and that’s okay.

      Got it.

      Now I understand why you use ip masking software while you do God’s work, George.


      • “Now I understand why you use ip masking software while you do God’s work, George.”

        Hello? McFly?

        Have you ever heard of Google Reader, Rick? Or Real Simple Syndication? It’s this really cool internet thingy that takes all sorts of articles and blog posts and puts it all in the same place so you can read all of ‘em. Wow! It’s really cool! And you NEVER, EVER have to visit those sites unless you want to! Who needs IP masking? I don’t. I even read all SFDB comments in Google Reader. Amazing, eh?


  4. What is your question, George? I don’t see it.


    • Okay, Rick, I’ll bite, since some of your readers are going to come here for some entertainment. Maybe they’ll learn a few things:

      Where do you come off calling Ted Nugent and Allen West — or anybody else for that matter — a coward when you hide behind an anonymous sock-puppet persona. Do you really believe that no one notices that you refuse to use your full name, all the while maligning and bad-mouthing others? You don’t have the courage of your convictions. You’re a bomb-thrower, you’re the guy that farts in a room and walks away smiling that nobody will realizes its him. This is why I call you a drive-by blogger. You have NO identity, therefore no responsibility for what you write, therefore ZERO credibility and ZERO integrity.

      You can continue to make all the ridiculous paranoid false assertions about me you want — and I know your little one-dimensional brain will force you to repeat it again, so let me beat you to it: IP masking, IP masking, IP masking — but in the end, you are still anonymous and there is NOT A SINGLE reason anybody should take you seriously.

      You’re a sock-puppet. Robert and I aren’t.

      End of lesson.

      • And so he we are again. George Moneo has no explanation of why he strongly supports a person who threatens the life of our President and the lives of liberals in general, so the “anonymity card” is played. It’s the same story, again and again.

        I’ve already addressed the anonymity issue in my first post at SFDB and on numerous previous occasions when the people I debate have no where to go but there, so I don’t want to spend any more time than necessary repeating myself here.

        My answer is contained in the above referenced post. But perhaps you need to ask FreedomForCuba, potato, Honey and asombra why they don’t use their real names and inform them that they are no more than cowards and sock puppets with zero credibility that no one should take seriously, right? Don’t bother answering the question, George. I already know that in your world your expectations of people on the opposite side of the political aisle are different than of those that sit with you.

        What about you, George, and for that matter anyone who is posting under a name that readers can only assume is theirs? I mean, unless we have a driver license or some other form of official picture identification that has been posted and made available to readers, we never really know that the name that is being used by the writer is actually their true identity. With few exceptions of well known persons, it’s just a name that we are trusting is the person’s real name. So confirm your identity to us George Moneo, if that is your real name, by posting a copy of your D/L, address and phone number. Otherwise, you’re just another name with a photograph.

        In reality, this “anonymous card” is a convenient “go to” for people who are not able to keep up in a debate of ideas or ideology. In order to take that “go to” out of play and to further demonstrate the above, I am going to use a name to post this response. Because for you, George, and for all the other intellectually inferior out there, this should satisfy you so that we can finally move on to the real issue which is why you support, condone and approve of Nugent’s threats against our President and those of 50% of your fellow Americans. By posting this name, I am no longer a sock puppet and have graduated in status to someone who you can take seriously.

        At least until the next debate where you find yourself in a hole and supporting another right wing extremist who intimates that he wants to assassinate a Democrat.

        • The name that should be used for that last post is “Rick Benavides.” I forgot to modify my details when I posted it.

        • You’re an abject coward, Rick. Plain and simple.

          Once again, for all to see, you smear me and conservatives (or “intellectual inferior[s]” as you described us) with your not-so-subtle innuendo in the first sentence and the second to last paragraph of your comment. How low can you get? Pretty damn low.

          You’ll never change.

          Here’s the question for the day: was Ted Nugent arrested by Secret Service? No? End of discussion.

          For eight years, some of the vilest and most disgusting threats and “progressive” violence fantasies were written, filmed, and spoken against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney and you said NOTHING. Not a syllable, not a peep, not a damn whisper out of you. You are not only an abject coward, you’re a two-faced slanderer, a hypocrite, and a sock-puppet.

          ZERO identity = ZERO credibility and ZERO integrity.

          BTW, how do you know Robert is Robert? Because you met him long ago at some blogger’s gathering? Please, Rick, your readership deserves better.

          As for your commenting name, Rick “Benavides”? Really? Seriously. C’mon Rick you can do better than that. Everybody knows your not a “Latino.” That we know with 100% certainty.

          I tell you what, you post your D/L, with your FULL REAL name intact, and with your address and D/L number redacted, and I’ll post mine. Deal?

          P.S., I emailed Robert last night and informed him that you had changed your blog’s RSS feed. I guess you finally came to the realization of what I’ve been telling you for a long time. That one action should tell everyone the kind of person you are: You are willing to penalize your readers (your echo-chamber) to get back at me. What a sad and pathetic loser you are.

          • I’ve already learned you’re a man of no integrity or courage, George, after inviting you to SFDB. You have none and don’t know the meaning of the words.

            But you’re right, George [if that’s really your name]. My last name isn’t Benavides. It’s Brickman. I’m sorry I mislead you.

            Have you told your Babalu commenters that they’re losers and sock puppets yet?


            • “Brickman”? That’s a good one. Maybe bricks made without straw. At least you got the first letter right.

              BTW, all I asked was for you to rescind the bans with no quid pro quo. I was and am under no obligation to visit your site. Unless I want to, of course, which I did earlier. Guess how shocked I was when I found out that you hadn’t you informed your readers that your “hissy fit” about the RSS feed was because you got pissed off at me and not for more traffic! Your readers seem to be a little annoyed with you.

              Lastly, I know those commenters personally. You? You’re just a sock-puppet in someone’s hand for all I know.

              Keep on truckin’…

              • Okay, you got me. It’s not Brickman. It’s Berringer. Honest. You have to trust me just like I have to trust you that your name is George Moneo. I don’t know you, after all. Just your word for it.

                Right? I mean, what proof have you really offered me besides your word which, as I’ve explained, is sh*t.

                Some may say you’re nuts, George. I just think you’re so ideologically driven you’ve just lost your perspective and your common sense.


              • “I tell you what, you post your D/L, with your FULL REAL name intact, and with your address and D/L number redacted, and I’ll post mine. Deal?”

                I made an offer to your earlier. I haven’t read a response from you.

  5. I’m confused.Why are we supposed to be outraged that he took down his offensive comment?

  6. More rhetoric from the left, unreported, of course, in the MSM. An excerpt from a Wisconsin rally in which a pastor/union leader said this:

    “We are the Davids … and you may be a big giant, a big goliath, but David had 5 smooth stones that brought Goliath down … all he had was stones and a sling shot, and I just wonder out there among us, how many of you came with your sling today? … Load your slings up today when we leave here, putting a smooth stone of equal rights at the collective bargaining table and throw it at Goliath … And Goliath will come down, Scott Walker we send you back to Wisconsin as David did Goliath, we cut your head off and go back into town, singing a new song!”

    As metaphorical as Ted Nugent, I’d say.

    So Ricky boy, are you going to get all excited about this one, or are you going to ignore it, as you always do, when it comes from the left?


  7. [continuing the comment thread here, because this commenting system is so inadequate for longer exchanges]

    George….I know you take me for a dummy but that doesn’t mean I have to act like one. I made an easy deal with you about commenting on my blog and you didn’t live up to it. You’ve proved yourself to be an abject liar with zero integrity. Do you think I would actually post identification documents on the internet anyway? Are you really that much of an effing moron?

    This thread was an excellent demonstration of why using a full name means jack. I claimed 3 last names, none of which you “accepted” as being real even though any one of them could have been. Using a last name, whatever it is, does nothing to add weight or credibility to what is being written no matter how much you huff and puff.

    By the way, it’s really “Beasley.”



    • ZERO identity = ZERO credibility + ZERO integrity.

      When you slander, defame, and libel people as shamelessly, and as often, as you do, while hiding behind sock-puppet anonymity, there’s only one conclusion: cowardice married to a complete lack of ethics. You want your thrill but you’re not willing to pay any price for publishing your excrement.

      It’s not rocket science to predict your actions when you have an established pattern of smearing people. It only gets worse with time. Hell, you even get pissed at your commenters for even daring to go against you. I thought only hardliners did that?

      You used three last names assuming I would accept one of them. But, after so many years of sock-puppetry, only showing an ID will do, I’m afraid. This is kinda like what you Dems don’t want in polling places so anyone, regardless of citizenship status, can vote for your Dem socialist candidates. You fit right in with your party, pal.

      I made you the D/L offer knowing full well you wouldn’t post shit. I told Robert as much in an email. And you know, and I know, that posting a redacted D/L is not a risk.

      At the end of the day, Mr. “Benavides”/”Berringer”/”Beasley,” we know the type of person you are; this thread is an almost-perfect record of it.

      P.S., when are you going to tell your readers the real reason you shortened SFDB’s RSS feed post?

  8. OK…this thread’s going nowhere and nothing is going to be solved. Please, that’s it! No more comments about the name thing.

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