Blaming All for Actions of Few

It happens all the time: someone resorts to thuggery and an entire segment of the population gets blamed for it.

How else can I explain posts like this one that strongly insinuate that it’s just another day in Little Havana when bomb threats are called in at a restaurant which happens to sit below a ridiculously offensive billboard calling for the release of five people convicted of espionage.

Unless Rick above has rare and highly-sought-after information on who placed the calls (highly doubtful), it’s mighty presumptuous of him to categorically assume that “the folks vilifying Ozzie Guillen had some time on their hands” in placing the bomb threats. That’s right, slime an entire group of people based on the actions which can be safely assumed by any rational and fair-minded human being to be those of a very small minority. Actions which the vast majority of people, hardliners and otherwise, are strongly against. Cuban-Americans would be better served, IMO, by perhaps being more assertive in denouncing these attacks as they justly are in condemning the billboard. Nevertheless, it does not excuse for a second the cynicism and deep disrespect shown by Rick toward a group of people he knows very little about simply because of ideological disagreements.

Rick, you state that Cuban-Americans play the victim card too much. If that’s indeed the case, it’s largely because of posts like yours today. We shouldn’t have to be defending ourselves from unwarranted attacks. No one should.

Of course, it’s always healthy to remember the t-shirt slogan below:

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10 Responses

  1. The drive-by blogger strikes again.

    There are a few bloggers like Rick — Kos and Charles Johnson come to mind — who have such a skewed sense of outrage, that one marvels at the gyrations their brains have to go through to make the arguments. Here, in a nutshell, is Rick’s argument:

    1. Slander the Cuban-American community by lumping us together with one idiot who made a bomb threat — who should be captured, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law;

    2. Be outraged at Cuban-Americans for DARING to lobby to have a billboard removed that calls for the release of five men CONVICTED of espionage for Cuba against this country — ostensibly Rick’s country, too — who were responsible for the murders of five flyers, including four American citizens;

    3. Show absoultely no outrage at the fellow travelers and possible Cuban agents of influence who bought the billboard, or at the spies themselves.

    Is that about right?

  2. It’s becoming much too frequent an occurrence, Robert, that you distort my words to suit your needs. I’m beginning to think that it’s much more than just a misunderstanding on your part.

    Throughout the Guillen controversy, in this post and in other comments on your blog, I have gone out of my way and have taken deliberate steps to make sure that it’s understood that my comments and criticisms are directed at hardliners and NOT the Cuban-American community as a whole. In response to a question from George Moneo here not too long ago, I laid out in detail my feelings on what upsets me so much about the conduct of Cuban-American hardliners. You know that, you have read it and still you write things like this post. It’s disingenuous at best and subtly mean-spirited.

    If it’s “mightily presumptuous” of me to assume that the same group of hardliners who smash CD’s of Cuban singers in the streets, hang effigies in Little Havana, and physically attack and yell epithets at those who disagree with them, among other things, are behind phoned in threats to a business associated with what they see as an offensive billboard, then I plead guilty. But you know it isn’t and, furthermore, I don’t hear one single hardliner voice expressing displeasure of the entire event. Not even you.

    If hardliners want to continue to malign and threaten members of this community because of their politics or their ideology then they’re going to have to own their actions and quit portraying themselves as the poor victims of American policies and prejudices. Either that or just stop being bullies. Criticize and debate all you want….but stop trashing and threatening people simply because they don’t agree with you.


    *Moneo comes running*


    • Let’s recap those words I didn’t distort:

      - “It appears as though the folks vilifying Ozzie Guillen had some time on their hands on Wednesday.”

      Not just a few, ill-intentioned people. THE folks vilifying Ozzie. That’s a lot of people in Miami, Rick.

      - But remember, it’s the poor Cuban-American hardliners who are scorned and are the victims of undeserved disdain. They do nothing to deserve the bad rep. Just exercising their right to bully and threaten people into submission.

      Your definition of “hardliner” can’t be that narrow. Otherwise you would have to plead ignorance (hard to believe for someone who’s lived and blogged in South Florida as long as you have).

      Words have meaning. All of them.

      Just in case, “hardliners”, for what it’s worth, are in the vast majority made up of ordinary, law-abiding individuals who mostly believe that you can’t negotiate with a group of tyrants, allow for unfettered travel and are for the embargo. Just like in any group, you have those who are a little dumber and more mean-spirited than others. But I know enough of these so-called “hardliners” to realize that your categorizations above are not only plain wrong but mean-spirited in their own right.

      This isn’t the first time you’ve slimed an entire group of people over which I’ve criticized you for. You did it fairly recently with the Sandra Fluke “a-hole Republicans”, to mention one example among several. Every time we have the same back-and-forth, but I feel someone has to mention it even if it always ends up a fruitless endeavor.

      Let me know where I got this whole thing wrong.

      • Rick, you ALWAYS paint us with the same brush.


        Your faux protestation that you “laid out in detail [your] feelings on what upsets [you] so much about the conduct of Cuban-American hardliners” is a steaming load of horse crap. We’ve been hearing the same tired liberal castro-regime talking points from you for years. Please. Give it a rest.

        P.S., I don’t know what the hell pisses you off about us so much, Rick. Did you have a Cuban-American girlfriend who dumped you because she couldn’t stand being with a lying sanctimonious hypocrite either?

        P.P.S., One hour to get you to respond this time. I’m getting pretty good at this Pavlov stuff.

        P.P.P.S., Robert, you got this wrong by trying to reason with a turnip. (My apologies to turnips for the comparison.)

      • Yes, Robert, every single person who is pissed off about Ozzie picked up their phone and called that business about that billboard. That’s exactly right. Why do I have to explain to you why that is so ridiculously ludicrous for you to draw from my post? Why do you do headstands to come to that out-of-this world conclusion?

        I lived here long enough and read enough of Babalu’s posts and comments to know that even within hardliners there is a degree of extremism. There’s the Vigilia Mambisa hardliner, then there are hardliners like yourself. Somewhere in between there are Babalu hardliners who wouldn’t pick up a phone to call in a threat but would just put a post up announcing that, fyi!, another billboard has gone up. Just fyi.

        That and my general attitude toward Miami’s Cuban-American community has always been articulated or clearly understood by reasonable SFDB readers not intent on putting words in my mouth because the other thing that reasonable people do is read, consider and remember are all the complimentary things I’ve also said about the Cuban-American community in Miami.

        Listen, I don’t have the time to convince you that you’re way off base in your analysis of this. My words speak for themselves and you will draw from it whatever you want no matter what I say.

        Have a great evening whatever you’re doing.


        • You may not have time to convince me, but even if you did you wouldn’t have a chance. You know very well that all you have to do is throw in a few modifiers (e.g., some, a lot, not all) and we wouldn’t be having this silly conversation. You do this A LOT, Rick. Words have meaning, and the English language is full of words you can use make your intentions clearly known. If you didn’t mean to include ALL hardliners, then clearly state it as such in your post. Go right ahead. I’m having a harder and harder time believing that you’re just too lazy/carefree to add a few modifiers. There’s an intention in the words you choose/don’t choose to include.

          To claim that I’m putting words in your mouth when I quote directly from your post…c’mon. To claim some sort of immunity because you have nice things to say for the Cuban-Americans you happen to agree with is laughable. The rest of them…your track record going all the way back to Stuck on the Palmetto speaks for itself.

        • “Somewhere in between there are Babalu hardliners who wouldn’t pick up a phone to call in a threat but would just put a post up announcing that, fyi!, another billboard has gone up. Just fyi.”

          And we’re not supposed to that why? Because our First Amendment rights are different than yours? Because in your judgement it’s irresponsible to alert a community harmed by fidel for a half-century that a billboard asking for the freedom of five convicted Cuban spies, responsible for the deaths of five people, and who harmed our country, is up in Little Havana? Because we’re not allowed to be Americans and stand up for a little justice for our dead?

          What are you smoking, Rick? Or maybe… you’re having those “Commissar/Gruppenfuhrer of blog posting” fantasies again? Hmm?

          If we give you libs enough rope, sooner or later you’ll invariably show your true totalitarian selves with your words…

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