Bill Maher: Obama’s Million Dollar Man

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She-PAC has a great video out on the double standard when it comes to conservative women being insulted versus liberals.

If you find the comments made in the video offensive, remember: It’s supposed to be “comedy” (wink, wink), alright?

(WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised)

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32 Responses

  1. I’m guessing your next post will include the Ted Nugent video where he tells Obama to suck on the end of his rifle during a concert and you’ll tell us about how the Right boycotted and issued death threats against him like they did the Dixie Chicks.


    You mean they didn’t?

    Double standard!

    Ironically, it’s also a double standard if you don’t mention it.


    • OK, Rick. I’ll play in your sandbox. Besides my open and clear criticism of Rush Limbaugh’s comments in my post last week (when was the last time you openly criticized comments made by liberals such as Bill Maher, David Letterman, Ed Schultz, et. al.?), I’ll go ahead and right here in this humble combox denounce Ted Nugent for his thuggish and crude comments towards President Obama.

      Actually, this felt kind of liberating. I recommend you try it as well. After all, there are tons of examples of liberals making all sorts of insensitive and downright awful comments directly at women. It shouldn’t be hard to pick one, “raunchiness” be damned.

    • There was also my condemnation last summer of Allen West’s remarks directed at Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

      Interestingly, you didn’t comment on that post although the story included in one of your “sifts”.

      • I’ve been critical of Wasserman-Shultz, Grayson, and, I believe, President Obama because of his penchant for compromising with the Right. I’ve also said that I’m not a big fan of Maher [go ahead, search "Maher" on SFDB] but all of that isn’t the point. The point is that Limbaugh is a pig, Maher is a pig, and Nugent is a pig. The fact that Limbaugh wallows in the mud day and day out doesn’t help his cause and sets him apart from the other “pigs” out there who aren’t as proud of their piggishness, although Nugent comes close.

        Just FYI, Maher played a video the other night showing some horrendously racist and bigoted comments about Obama by some rural folks in Mississippi. Some on the Left are posting the video and saying how it is representative of people who live there, kind of like Maher did. That’s plain unfair and inaccurate. But I’m not posting about it. And there’s a lot I disagree with that I don’t post about. So just because I don’t condemn every wrong thing that Maher or Shultz or Garofalo or whoever has said doesn’t mean I agree with it.


        • Thank you, Rick. We’ve reached some common ground here with your entire second paragraph above. Maybe from now on we ALL can stop pointing out each other’s apparent “sins of omission” and focus on what we actually write.

          There is a difference, though, in publicly disagreeing with these people based on political statements/stances you don’t agree with and denouncing them for being rude and nasty toward other people, even people you dislike. That’s OK and I don’t want to emphasize this because if you state here that Maher’s a pig, then I’ll take your word for it, regardless of the mostly soft-handed approach you’ve taken toward Maher in your blog (I searched Maher on your blog – quite bland).

          • Sheesh, Robert, I’m sorry my disagreement isn’t up to the level you would like it to be. I’ll try harder next time.

            I swear it’s like talking to teenagers sometimes.


        • You’ve been critical of Grayson? Really? (I’ve quoted you verbatim — you can look up that word if you don’t know it — since you have a penchant for, let’s call it, creative self-editing.)

          “Sunday, December 5, 2010

          “Thank You, Alan Grayson

          “I didn’t always agree with how he communicated his message but I will always remember Congressman Grayson of Orlando for forcing Republicans to own their inhumanity and hypocrisy. They hated hearing it and hated Grayson for making them acknowledge their own miserable, hateful souls but, of course, that was even more of a reason to like the man. Because he had a spine in a deliberative body full of invertebrates, I will miss him.”

          I bet you do. But the “miserable, hateful souls” line was for us, right? not for Grayson?

          “Monday, November 7, 2011

          “Grayson Explains OWS

          “Alan Grayson hasn’t always been perfect but he does a great job explaining the OWS movement in this clip.

          “For those Fox News viewers out there, pull yourself away from the propaganda machine and watch a liberal make mincemeat out of yet another conservative, this time in the form of a has-been comedian named P.J. O’Rourke who hasn’t written a decent joke in decades.”

          Wow, Rick that was so cruel to Grayson.

          “Wednesday, December 9, 2009

          “2 Minutes of Grayson = Lots O’ Fun

          “This guy doesn’t stop….”

          Yeah, you sure were brutal to him. I’m glad you’re so even-handed and fair.

        • Got another one, Rick:

          “Sunday, December 20, 2009

          “Why Alan Pisses Them Off

          “The right-wing fringers continue to whine and complain about Florida Congressman Alan Grayson and his confrontational approach to dealing with Republicans. They call him a lunatic and the most paranoid amongst them claim that he is out to get them and the rest of Americans who disagree with him. More than anything else, his direct, some may call it abrasive, approach just pisses them off.

          “And now I’ve figured out why.

          “It’s because Alan Grayson is too Republicanesque in his approach to dealing with these Little Limbaughs. He doesn’t give two sh*ts what they think of him or how crazy he sounds. Like conservative talk show host Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, he says outrageous things that he knows are going to make the media sit up and listen. Like Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, he’s got a bit of the lunatic in him that newscasters love and drives opponents nuts. And like Bible Spice, sometimes he says things that make no sense whatsoever.

          “For the Little Limbaughs, who giggle in glee when their side upsets the Dems with their latest moronic conspiracy theories about climate change, death panels or the government causing car dealerships to close, watching Congressman Grayson is like looking at one of their own who is now working for the other side.

          “And they’re not used to that. Usually they can spout off with their inanities and then comfortably sit back and watch as Democrats scramble to demonstrate how nonsensically fallacious they are.

          “But Grayson makes the Little Limbaughs respond and makes them scramble and that, folks, is a welcome breath of fresh air in the Democratic Party that I can totally appreciate.”

          Wow, Rick, Grayson must have considered legal action against you for that one. Harsh, unfair, unmeasured, brutal, relentless criticism…

          (Thanks, Robert!, That was the capper!)

          • I said I have criticized him, George, and I have…..

            “K- I’m a big fan of Rep. Alan Grayson, but I just can’t go with him down the road he takes in this slightly creepy and, quite frankly, surprising video over at Bark Bark Woof Woof.”

            I love it when you come over here, George, and talk BS because you’re not able to delete those who reveal the lies and the distortions that you love to throw around at Babalu.

            Now run along and spend the net few hours surfing the net in your basement with your ip masking software doing what we both know you do with that crap.


          • Your admiration of Grayson is a mirror image of the admiration many on the right have for Rush.

  2. Here’s the crux of the issue: To the left, Rush is an “entertainer” only when his political thought bites them so hard they have to ignore him. But, when he says something outrageous — something I wish had never apologized for — he is a “political analyst.” That’s why they can excuse Maher’s words, even though they are extremely political — and use the “he’s only a comedian” canard which is total bullshit. Bottom line: The left is expert at intellectual dishonesty.

  3. Each racist quote that you asked for is linked to an audio recording of Your Guy saying it. Being Breitbart fans, I know you’re suspicious of “actual recordings” and selective editing but, well, you asked for them and got ‘em. Prove them to be wrong, fellas.

    Go ahead, prove ME wrong and prove Rush to be a tolerant, righteous, loveable guy instead of the miserable POS bigot that everyone but the 20%’ers recognize him to be.


    • What smells hypocritical about all this is that if Rush was “your guy” (i.e., if you were conservative), you would love him. Your description of Grayson as being “Republicanesque” and taking it to the “haters” with hate of his own is exactly what you admire about him. You excuse and mildly brush off his crazy antics because the means serve the end. In other words, he does to those racist Republicans (I know, I’m being redundant) what Rush does to you. You don’t dislike Rush because of his methods, he just happens to play for the other team.

      Case in point: your recent post calling Republicans “a-holes” without making any distinctions whatsoever (nor did you intend to). Sadly, hate is what motivates you and so many on your side. That’s the way I see it.

      • Actually, Robert, I don’t know of any instance of Grayson using race or ethnic stereotypes or calling women sluts or prostitutes in making his points. In most cases, he uses sarcasm that mocks the hypocrisy and self-centered nature of conservatism today. I like that approach. He has wandered on occasion and I voiced my disapproval of it. It may not have been enough of a disapproval for you, but I stated quite clearly that I wasn’t with him on it.

        I admit that I sometimes make the mistake of putting all Republicans into the same basket. They’re not. But the majority of the Republicans that I have met are people that, when it comes to politics, are people I have fundamental disagreements with. Especially the extreme right folks who put their party before this country. But, yes, I sometimes slip and lump everyone together. It’s sorta like your companions at Babalu deriding the lamestream media and then posting an excerpt from a Herald article that they liked or corresponded with their view of the world or, even better, totally ignoring that same paper’s support and defense of Marco Rubio.

        I don’t like Rush because of the person that he is just like I don’t like Maher or any other disgusting or vile person because of who they are. It’s real simple even though, at times, many of them [including Rush], make salient points. Having said that I would still contend that a guy like Rush is at a whole other level with his daily attacks and smears. And I think that’s being borne out today with his advertisers.

        I would like to think that a desire to make this country better for everyone living it is what motivates everyone on both sides of the aisle. Sometimes it’s hard for me to see that coming from the Right and, yeah, that gets me pissed off.

    • You made it the allegation: you prove it. I know you can’t so you won’t.

      You’re making nothing more than the typical liberal drive-by allegation, unsupported by any factual evidence, repeated over and over and over. Before making such a blanket statement, you may want to ask Rush’s long-time right-hand man, who happens to be black, whether his boss is a “POS bigot” or not.

      I know you guys live in the fantasy world of ‘hope & change’ but just saying it doesn’t make it so.

      • Okay, so I’ve provided a list of actual quotes of Rush’s racism and bigotry, most of which link to the accompanying soundbites, like you requested and you say, without one iota of proof, that they’re all made up and fiction. Typical 20%’er.

        Barney was right, carrying on a conversation with guys like you is like trying to talk to a kitchen table.

        Fact is, George, you wouldn’t accept anything that was provided to you because you would always offer up a way to claim it was a lie or fiction without providing a stitch of evidence to the contrary. Rush employs a black man so he can’t be racist? Dude, are you that big of a moron or you just play acting?


        • Yes, quotes cherry-picked by Media Matters. Rick, do what George says: provide all these sound bytes in full context…which the Media Matters clips do not do. Your opinion that Rush is racist and bigoted is just that, your opinion. I don’t think you have the proof to convince everyone that Rush is indeed bigoted towards non-white people.

          • He wanted a quote, Robert. Actually, he wanted “one racist line.” I gave him 20. Do you want a copy of the entire show transcript? Maybe the entire week’s worth of transcripts? Maybe he wants Rush himself to approve it and say, “Yep, said that.”

            You got 20 quotes. Thing is, there’s even more out there. But the only thing that is going to satisfy you guys is if they’re notorized and delivered to your front door by Brinks.

            Take a hike, losers.


            • You wax poetic with this comment:

              And then, not even 10 minutes later, you come back with this send-off:
              Take a hike, losers.

              Please, don’t pretend you’re this civil person who only wants to make this country better when you frequently slander and attack people both here and at your blog (don’t point out “well, others do it too” because aside from justifying your own contribution to the poisonous discourse in this country, it makes you look really small).

              You come here and arrogantly and absolutely proclaim that a person you’ve never met is a “POS bigot”. I let that slide because in this blog I try to be as tolerant as possible and you’re entitled to your opinion of topics and people being discussed in the posts. What I won’t tolerate as much is calling me a “loser” or whatever else you think is appropriate. Not because it hurts me, because it doesn’t, but because that’s not how I expect a invited guest to my blog to treat me.

              You don’t like it…fine. But I will NOT put up with this bullshit from you anymore.

  4. Here’s what’s BS, Robert. You taking me to task for something that Moneo calls “keepin’ it real.” And you approving of it. *wink* *wink*

    The hypocrisy runs off the page here, Robert. Save your righteous indignation for someone else or at least start applying it to every one that drops a comment here.

    You guys lost this debate. Moneo asked for one racist line and I gave him 20. You’re losers. If that hurts your feelings so much, Robert, imagine someone calling you a “slut” on national radio.

    Maybe that thought will get you riled up enough to say something strong about it someday.

    And, please, stop playing the victim. It is so pathetic.


  5. You guys lost this debate. Moneo asked for one racist line and I gave him 20. You’re losers. If that hurts your feelings so much, Robert, imagine someone calling you a “slut” on national radio.

    Imagine someone calling you a “POS bigot”. Just like you once called John McCain a POS. How would you like it if someone called you that? (BTW just because you use the initials instead of the full phrase spelled out doesn’t make it less damning).

    Here’s what’s BS, Robert. You taking me to task for something that Moneo calls “keepin’ it real.” And you approving of it. *wink* *wink*

    Let’s go over this again. I don’t appreciate YOU or anyone else calling ME anything derogatory on MY blog. You don’t have to agree with me to post on my blog. God knows I’ve given you plenty of latitude to comment on this blog (over 150 comments to date) and I’ve let you state your opinions and choice words for others (and received some as well). You’re adults and you can handle it any way you like. Simply, I draw the line when it comes to directing that type of language at me, the host of the blog. Imagine someone coming into your blog and calling you a loser, or worse. I don’t think you would appreciate it. I know you don’t. You shouldn’t.

    Don’t agree with this? Think it’s hypocritical? Fine, no sweat off my back. You can also choose not to come here if you’re going to continue acting this way thinking you’re scoring points but instead resorting to calling people whom you have a genuine disagreement with “losers”. I will NOT put up with it.

    • So curse words and vulgar language are fine here as long as it’s not directed at you. Got it. Loud and clear.

      I get called names all the time on my blog and somehow I overcome it. I guess it’s because I figure that when you put your opinion out there you got to be ready for all kinds of people to respond and take shots at you, including, when you lose a debate, a “loser.” I suppose if I wasn’t so strong and resilient and unable to handle being called a loser, I might consider investing my time in something a little less upsetting.

      But, anyway…..good deflection. I’ll let you know when I get those quotes certified so that you can finally consider them to be authentic and accurate and not part of another progressive conspiracy to take down old Rushbo.

      Tener una noche maravillosa, amigos.


      • So curse words and vulgar language are fine here as long as it’s not directed at you. Got it. Loud and clear.

        Close enough.

        I get called names all the time on my blog and somehow I overcome it. I guess it’s because I figure that when you put your opinion out there you got to be ready for all kinds of people to respond and take shots at you, including, when you lose a debate, a “loser.” I suppose if I wasn’t so strong and resilient and unable to handle being called a loser, I might consider investing my time in something a little less upsetting.

        Oh boy. About you being clear…maybe not so much.

        I won’t waste any more of your time or mine explaining it to you. I think you do understand but if it makes you feel good and proud inside to think you “won” this debate, then I concede victory to you. Congratulations. You earned it with your persistence, resiliency and thick skin.

        As we say in some parts of Kendall, au revoir.

      • “If that hurts your feelings so much, Robert, imagine someone calling you a ‘slut’ on national radio.”

        You’re right, RIck, it’s awful. But I guess Sarah Palin, a mother of five, being called a c**t, among other vile things, by two very political comedians, among many, many others, is okay by you, right? That, my dear obtuse Rick, was the entire point of this post.

        As usual, you missed it by a mile — and you managed to piss off one of the few unflappable bloggers on the blogosphere.

        Pretty good for a night’s work…

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