UPDATE: Anti-Catholicism (OK, It was Satire) on Full Display

This is what passes for comedy at the Huffington Post. It’s not exactly original or creative, either. People have been making similar blasphemous attacks on Catholicism and Jesus Christ Himself for almost 2,000 years.

It’s nothing short of amazing how an openly-Catholic politician running for President brings out the lunatics among those who preach compassion and tolerance but exercise so little of it.

If the Huffington Post decides to keep in on their site, that’s their decision and it’s protected by the First Amendment. I won’t include excerpts from it here because it is extremely offensive to my faith and that of over 1 billion people. I will, however, openly wonder whether the editors at that site, or even Arianna Huffington herself, would allow an article ridiculing Islam on that site.

BTW: Larry Doyle, the author, just published a follow-up piece which goes out of its way to NOT apologize and blames his motivation to write the offending piece on the left’s latest bogeyman, Rick Santorum.

UPDATE: OK…just re-read Doyle’s follow-up and he points out the article was satire. Apparently, Doyle is lashing out at traditional Christians who deride or mock the beliefs of “progressive Christians, Mormons and Muslims”.  Still unacceptable even if he didn’t mean it literally. Poor guy is angry. Seems like his feelings were hurt and he picked an awful way to make his point.


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