(L)insanity and Marco Rubio’s Faith

Eventful day in Miami today, with both IN-sanity (Pres. Obama’s UM visit) and LIN-sanity (Jeremy Lin) going on at the same time.

Something else caught my eye today…a BuzzFeed story picked up by the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics blog on Marco Rubio’s Mormon past. Not as much the story itself, which I find somewhat interesting but a non-issue, but the coverage the story is getting in several MSM outlets, including CNN and ABC.

I don’t really know what to make of the attention this is getting…there’s no “gotcha” material unless you consider someone converting from Catholicism to Mormonism in his childhood, then reverting to Catholicism as a teen, then attending a non-denominational church while still practicing Catholicism something to be skeptical about. I don’t, but I wonder if that’s at least a small part of it, not to mention the ties to Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.

I thought we weren’t supposed to make a big deal of someone’s personal religious faith, right?

Just wait until Marco Rubio gets picked to be the GOP’s #2 on the ticket this fall and see what kind of personal stuff the MSM decides to turn into big stories. Univision’s attacks on Rubio will seem like child’s play.

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One Response

  1. The Left will attack Rubio by any means necessary. If no one cares about the Mormonism revelation it will disappear as an issue. If polls and focus groups reveal that independent voters view Rubio’s religious experiments negatively they will become the topic of countless “news” stories.

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