I’ve refrained from posting my 9-11 10th anniversary thoughts until now, letting sink in all the memorials and thoughts that have gone through my head on this day. I can’t come up with anything eloquent, original or profound. All I can really contribute via this page is the following:

God Bless the families and friends of the victims of that tragic day.

God Bless those who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to rebuild lives and communities.

God Bless those in high positions, then and now, who were and are faced with important decisions to make.

God Bless those who seek justice, peace and unity without compromising their values.

God Bless America.

Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre

Today, Catholic Cubans all over the world celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Charity (Caridad del Cobre). Today is also the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Here’s a prayer I found at the web site linked above which all Cubans and non-Cubans alike should pray, especially for the people of Cuba and the Church in Cuba:

Most Holy Mother of Charity
who came to us as a messenger of peace across the sea.
You are the Mother of all Cubans
To you we come, Most Holy Mother of God
to honor you with love as your children.
To your motherly heart
we entrust our desires and hopes
our work and our prayers.
We pray for our torn country
that we may be able to build
a nation based on peace and unity.
We pray for our families
that they may live in fidelity and love.

We pray for our children
that they may grow strong
in spirit and in body.

We pray for our young people
that their faith may increase,
as well as their attachment to
the truth.

We pray for the sick, the homeless,
the lonely, the exiled,
and for all suffering souls.
We pray for the Catholic Church in Cuba,
for its mission,
for its priests, deacons,
religious and laity.

We pray for the victory
of justice and love
in our country.

Mother of Charity!
We place ourselves
under your mantle of protection!
Blessed are you among women
and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus!
And to Him be the glory and the power
now and forever. Amen.


That’s the title of Bernie Goldberg’s latest piece blasting the New York Times for the way their editors handled (or not) two tragically similar events which have occurred in 2011. Here’s a big chunk of classic Goldberg:

The other day, a gunman walked into an IHOP in Carson City, Nevada, and opened fire with an AK-47 on helpless patrons who had been eating breakfast. He hit 12 of them, five who were members of the National Guard.  Before he turned the gun on himself, the gunman had killed three patrons and wounded eight more.

This happened just one day after James Hoffa, the head of the Teamsters Union, told a Labor Day Rally in Detroit, “President Obama this is your army! … Everybody here has got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.”

The shooting at the IHOP followed by just a few weeks this statement by Congresswoman Maxine Waters to supporters in California:  “The Tea Party can go straight to hell.”  The remark was greeted with cheers from the audience.

Perhaps you saw the editorial in the New York Times following the murder in Nevada.  This is part of it:

“It is facile and mistaken to attribute this particular madman’s act directly to Democrats or union members. But it is legitimate to hold Democrats and particularly their most virulent supporters responsible for the shooting at the Nevada IHOP. Many on the left have exploited the arguments of division, reaping political power by demonizing conservatives. They have tried to persuade many Americans that Republicans, especially the more conservative Republicans, are not just misguided, but the enemy of the people.”

Just kidding.

The Times – or any news organization – would have had to be grossly irresponsible and hopelessly ideological — to tie the shootings in Nevada to anything James Hoffa or Maxine Waters said, especially since it turns out the gunman who killed himself was mentally unstable, according to people who knew him.  Besides that, there is not a shred of evidence that he heard Hoffa’s angry rhetoric or the “go to hell” vitriol of Maxine Waters – or for that matter, even knew who they were.

That’s why the New York Times didn’t run the fake editorial you just read. But here’s the real editorial the New York Times ran just days after the mass shootings outside a Tucson, Arizona supermarket last January.

“It is facile and mistaken to attribute this particular madman’s act directly to Republicans or Tea Party members. But it is legitimate to hold Republicans and particularly their most virulent supporters in the media responsible for the gale of anger that has produced the vast majority of these threats, setting the nation on edge. Many on the right have exploited the arguments of division, reaping political power by demonizing immigrants, or welfare recipients, or bureaucrats. They seem to have persuaded many Americans that the government is not just misguided, but the enemy of the people.”

Goldberg goes on to describe the similarities in the mental states of both gunmen and the lack of evidence pointing their actions to anything on the political left or right, adding that if a conservative publication would have attempted to link this most recent shooting to James Hoffa and/or Maxine Waters, “they would be seen as ideological buffoons”. Couldn’t agree more with that last statement.

Unfortunately for liberals, their mouthpieces in the NYT don’t mind playing the role of ideological buffoons, even if they’ll go to their graves denying it.

Here’s Bernie’s concluding paragraph:

Editorial writers, of course, are expected to have a point of view.  But even those who write opinions must be fair in the way they come to their conclusions.   Otherwise, they aren’t journalists so much as they are ideological warriors.  That’s what Rush Limbaugh is on the right, but he doesn’t pretend to be a journalist.  The editorial writers at the New York Times do.


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