Charlie Crist (I) ?>

Charlie Crist (I)

It’s all but official, according to this article. And this poll shows that Crist’s political future may be the better for it. What will it mean come November? While Crist is getting a race-saving boost from teachers via his veto of SB6, the governor still has some ‘splainin’ to do, especially on his support of the stimulus and the largely unfulfilled promises he campaign on a few years ago. His veto of SB6 and the support of teachers will continue…

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You Can’t Spell Jets Without JT ?>

You Can’t Spell Jets Without JT

Well, Jets fans shouldn’t have a hard time remembering Jason Taylor’s nickname, given that they are so skillful at spelling the nickname of their team. Obligatory and shameless slap to Jets fans aside, I really don’t know what to feel about this JT-going-to-the-Jets thing. I understand why the Dolphins don’t want to keep Jason Taylor around for the kind of money the Jets signed him for. The JT of 2010 is not the JT of 2006 or even 2007. Then…

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Humanizing the Elian Gonzalez Saga ?>

Humanizing the Elian Gonzalez Saga

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the government’s kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez, many stories are beginning to pop up in the MSM and blogosphere. One I would like to direct your attention to is this one by the Palm Beach Post’s Carlos Frias. While most of the articles and blogposts will undoubtedly revolve around the politics of the issue, Frias does a very good job of going beyond the predictable and painting a human picture. Delfin Gonzalez’s neighbors stop…

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MSM’s Hot Air and Empty Rhetoric Over AZ Immigration Law world! ?>

MSM’s Hot Air and Empty Rhetoric Over AZ Immigration Law world!

I was going to write something on how incredibly unfair and plain wrong many MSM journalists (using the term loosely) are in demonizing the Arizona immigration law and its supporters. I was going to point out that, despite justifiably reasonable concerns about the way in which such a law could be carried out by an extreme minority of law enforcement officers, to equate the Arizona law to Nazi Germany and Gulags, as our local fishwrap columnist Myriam Marquez did yesterday,…

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Elian: A Look Back (Part 2) ?>

Elian: A Look Back (Part 2)

As the months went by, time began to heal some of the wounds, but a general feeling of discontent remained. The Cuban-American community turned to itself and began to think of ways to combat the image problem it faced. Motivated by the hurt and resentment, it also became united like never before. This played a major role in what became the next big news story of the year…the November 2000 presidential elections. George Bush won by taking Florida by a…

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Catholic Bishops and Cuba ?>

Catholic Bishops and Cuba

As I indicated in a post back in February, perhaps my biggest disappointment with the Catholic Church, a Church I have grown more and more faithful in, is the stance espoused by many bishops and even cardinals on the issue of U.S./Cuba relations. Alberto at Babalu laid it out very nicely in his blasting of Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega, and succinctly explains the mentality of many Catholic bishops when it comes to the U.S. being the bad guys. While Cardinal…

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Elian: A Look Back 10 Years Ago ?>

Elian: A Look Back 10 Years Ago

My wife and I got up later than usual, around 9:30, the morning of Saturday April 22, 2000. We calmly ate breakfast, then turned on the TV. What we saw on the TV screen the moment we turned it on made a huge impact that resonates to this day. We watched as President Clinton approached the podium at the White House and announced that Elian Gonzalez had been taken out of his relatives’ home in Miami and “reunited” with his…

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Gloria Estefan’s Speech at Obama Fundraiser ?>

Gloria Estefan’s Speech at Obama Fundraiser

Welcome everyone to our home! Emilio, Emily and I are very happy that you’re here and we hope you very much enjoy this afternoon! When our parents brought us to the United States as children they never imagined that the country that had opened its arms to them at a time of crisis would eventually become their country and in turn, our country. They came here to raise us in freedom and democracy so that we could thrive and learn….

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